How To Make Money Online During a Pandemic

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Obviously, there's a lot going on. We’re seeing huge corrections in the stock market AND tons of people being put out of jobs or on EI and a HUGE shortage of toilet paper…

Trust me, your butt will be fine. You don't need to clear the shelves. 


Anyways, lets put our face masks on and jump into this post. Here, I'm going to show you how you can start making money during this pandemic. 


Like nearly everything else I post about it'll be about the best opportunity available to us today... Amazon. Unfortunately though, if you haven't heard Amazon FBA will not be accepting inventory until April 5th 2020, and who knows? It could even be longer than that. 


If you are new and don't know what Amazon FBA is... you should check this training i've made. Nothing to sell, no catch just a 20 min training to help you out:


Good, now that we've got that out the way... let's get into the 2 ways of making money online... quarantine style. 


  1. Buying products in bulk products from China and shipping them out to yourself then selling them through fulfilment by merchant - (If you’re worried about this because of the current situation in China, you don’t have to be because as of right now a lot of Chinese manufactures are going back to work)
  2. Do something called Online arbitrage which means buying products online and re-selling them on Amazon for more than you bought them for.


Obviously I won't be able to dive into ALL the nitty grit-ties of the whole process but follow along with the video above to get this going. Here are the resources as promised! - I won't even ask for your emails ;)


Click Here To Get Jungle Scout Tool For Product Research (Discounted)


Click Here To Get Helium10 Tool For Keyword research & Listing Creation (Discounted)


Click Here For List of 1000+ websites to check for deals


Click Here For The Best Pick And Pack Centres In US (With Low Minimum Order Fulfilment Requirements)


Some Videos to help you on this journey:


Product Research Videos:


Product Sourcing Video:


Keyword Research & Listing Creation:


Shipping Videos:


Launch Videos:



Hope this helped! If it did remember to subscribe to the youtube channel for more awesome content.


Good luck, Stay safe.




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