How To Stop Being Tired ALL The Time - Secret To Success As An Entrepreneur

biohacking Mar 10, 2020

Notes from the video: 


1. Learn your own biology and use it to your advantage. There are 4 main chronotypes:


The Lion: Early risers who tend to have lots of success in life

The Wolf: The Night owls who tend to stay up later and sleep in longer

The Bear: 80% of the population is a bear - the people who need a good 8 hours of sleep

The Dolphin: Light sleepers, those who have problems falling asleep and staying asleep


Im not affiliated with this but make sure to take the chronotype quiz so you can learn about yourself and lean into your unique biology:


2. What gets measured gets managed:


Invest in a sleep tracker. There are plenty on the market to choose from.


Cheap Trackers (Inaccurate but good for beginners):

Any sleep app on the app store:

Expensive Trackers (If you want to get serious about sleeping better you must have one fo these): 

Oura ring (For everyday use)

Whoop Band (If you're an athlete or very active) - The whoop band provides tons more metrics if you're someone who's very active.


Very Expensive (Not for beginners): 

Dreem Headband:


Many of you probably think this is unnecessary or that you sleep fine the way you are... The truth is MOST people have terrible sleep and if you don't get high quality sleep your whole life suffers. You won't be able to think clearly, focus on complex tasks or make smart decisions in your business. GET A TRACKER tonight!


3. Manage Your Circadian Rhythm

This one is a very low hanging fruit and very easy to see huge benefits from. Most people may not know this but simply managing your wake up and sleep times can drastically affect the quality of your sleep.


If you're somebody who never goes to sleep at the same time this may be causing disruptive and less restorative sleep... I know this may sound preliminary but try giving yourself a bed time and stick to it on weekends and weekdays. 


Reducing blue light at night, using F.lux and early morning sunshine exposure can all also help to set your circadian rhythm. 


4. Try taking a shower before you got to sleep instead of in the morning


Research shows that taking a nice shower or bath before bed instead of in the morning can actually affect your sleep and increase the length of both REM and Deep sleep cycles. 


This is because of something called "sleepy hygiene" and is a very real thing. If your body feels clean you WILL sleep better. 


Added tips: keep your sheets and your room clean for the same reasons. 


5. Consider supplementing with Magnesium (I'm Not a physician, talk to your doctor) 


It is estimated that between 68-80% of the US adult population is magnesium deficient. 


Magnesium promotes NATURAL melatonin production which means faster sleep onset and more restful sleep. It has also been shown to block cortisol receptors in the brain which reduces that "brain chatter" we entrepreneurs may have. 


I am not a doctor so consult a physician or do some research about this and find out if this is right for you. I've had some amazing results from this. 


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