Amazon PPC Campaigns To Get More Sales

amazon ppc Apr 05, 2020

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Trick 1: Reverse ASIN your own product!


Strategy Breakdown: To find which keywords your product is on the bottom of page 1 OR on the top of page 2 and run PPC for those keywords to bring them higher up into the organic searches so you can get more visibility and more sales. 


Step 1: Go to, click on Cerebro and paste in your products ASIN.

Step 2: In the "Organic rank" field type in 15 - 30 and hit search. 

Step 3: Filter by search volume

Step 4: Grab 15 - 20 of the top keywords and create a EXACT match campaign with a $30-$50/ day budget. 

Step 5: Optimize the bids based on ACOS


Rules: Remember, it is ok if these campaigns are not showing up as profitable right away. We are trying to rank for certain keywords which will probably bring us a higher than desired ACOS but the ACOS will be offset by the increased visibility and increased organic sales. 



Trick 2: Spanish Keywords


Strategy Breakdown: To comb over your listing and translate your main keywords to Spanish so that you can run hyper targeted PPC to the Spanish speaking population of the USA. 


Step 1: Comb over your listing and translate 15-20 main keywords using google translate

Step 2: Take those keywords and input them into the "Magnet" tool in helium10

Step 3: Check if search volume of each keyword is above 50, if it is extract the keywords into a word document.

Step 4: Take those Spanish keywords and add them to an EXACT match campaign with a spend of $20-$30/day.

Step 5: Take those Spanish keywords from the word document and run them through the "Frankenstein" tool on helium10. This will remove all duplicate words.

Step 6: Add whatever Frankenstein gave you to your back end search term field in your listing to add relevance to your product. 


Hope these tips help and make you some more sales! 

Talk soon,



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