How To Guarantee Your WILL Product Sell!

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

How do you know all the work, money and effort you're putting into this business is going to pay off...?

Well if you're like me when I was first starting off you really have no idea. That's exactly why I created this video and blog post to hopefully help you get some clarity and learn about some of the trade secrets no body tells you about. 


Let's start off with the basics. 


Nothing is guaranteed in this business or any other. If you're not willing to take risks you're in the wrong field. That being said though, if you know where to look and how to analyze the data you're seeing there are a lot of tell tale signs which will help you predict how well your product will sell. 


Let's start with the basics and move up in complexity. There are 7 rules. 


Rule 1: Revenue must be between $7,500/ month and $15,000/month for 2 out of the 3 top competitors


Rules 2: Reviews must be LESS than 1000 for the 2 out of the 3 top competitors


Rule 3: Your products main keyword should not have a spike of more than 30 points past the years average on google trends.


Rule 4: Your products profit margin should be no less than 25% and an ROI of no less than 125%


Rule 5a: Check viability Step 1 - Main keyword should be no less than 3500 monthly searches


Rule 5b: Check viability Step 2 - Helium10 graph should be stable for at least 3/4 quarters of the year. 


Rule 6: Check Supply & Demand by doing the old school 99 cart trick OR inventory check. Make sure the sales match up with the revenue from rule 1. 


Rule 7a: Check Market Saturation Step 1 - Look into FB groups & discount sites - There should be less than 5 new launches in the last month. 


Rule 7b: Check Market Saturation Step 2 - Look into add a product section on seller central and make sure there are less than 10 listings active for the product in the last month. 



Thats pretty much it, theres the check list. This will not be easy but it will be worth it! Keep doing your product research and let me know how it goes! 


Stay safe, 









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