Amazon PPC Campaigns To Get More Sales

amazon ppc Apr 05, 2020

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Trick 1: Reverse ASIN your own product!


Strategy Breakdown: To find which keywords your product is on the bottom of page 1 OR on the top of page 2 and run PPC for those keywords to bring them higher up into the organic searches so you can get more visibility and more sales. 


Step 1: Go to, click on Cerebro and paste in your products ASIN.

Step 2: In the "Organic rank" field type in 15 - 30 and hit search. 

Step 3: Filter by search volume

Step 4: Grab 15 - 20 of the top keywords and create a EXACT match campaign with a $30-$50/ day budget. 

Step 5: Optimize the bids based on ACOS


Rules: Remember, it is ok if these campaigns are not showing up as profitable right away. We are trying to rank for certain keywords which will probably bring us a higher than desired ACOS...

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